The Moores Hill Male and Female Collegiate Institute was founded in 1854 in Moores Hill, IN, with the first building completed in 1856. When space became limited, funds were solicited for a second building. This building was dedicated on June 18, 1908 and named Carnegie Hall after the chief donor, Andrew Carnegie, who donated $18,750 of the final construction cost of $41,321.15.  After a fire destroyed the first building, the school was moved to Evansville, IN and renamed Evansville College, and later University of Evansville. Meanwhile, Carnegie Hall became part of the Dearborn County public school system, with high school classes initially held in the building as the local one room schoolhouses with grades 1-8 were gradually closed and relocated into Carnegie Hall. It was then used for classes kindergarten through 12 until further consolidation of schools in the county resulted in the last graduating class in 1978. The building was proposed for demolition until alumni formed a nonprofit, Carnegie Historic Landmarks Preservation Society, to preserve and maintain it. It currently is used for events, historical and educational activities, and houses a museum dedicated to its role in the local public school system.